Mountain Strength

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by Matt Lloyd & Will Gordon

Mountain Strength is a training manual written for mountain athletes. The strength and conditioning programs outlined in this book have been painstakingly tested and designed to build better skiers, runners, and climbers, no matter your specific discipline or fitness level. We have spent years testing every workout in this book to create a comprehensive training manual just for athletes like you. Learn about our methodologies and how to take your training to a new level.

Included in Mountain Strength Vol.1:

  • Over 500 unique workouts, warmups, exercises, and recovery sessions
  • 352 pages of awesomeness
  • Specific training programs for route climbing, bouldering, skiing, and mountaineering
  • Scaleable in difficulty for beginners and elite athletes
  • Tips and advice included along the way to take your training to the next level
  • Full-color with vivid images and a "perfect" binding
  • Lessons on topics like caffeine in sports, the benefits of intensity in practice, the neuroendocrine response, speed and cadence for climbers, developing mental toughness, shoulder rehab, and prehab.
  • Includes power and endurance centric broad non-sport-specific training programs for those who want to do it all.
  • Train a la cart by selecting one of our accessory programs such as deadlifting, squatting, rowing or Olympic lifting.

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