About Fixed Pin

Our Vision

When we started this company in the spring of 2008, we envisioned a company that would allow others to share our love for climbing, crisp mountain air, starry nights, wilderness, forests in all their incredible varieties and beautiful natural landscapes. Our vision is that Fixed Pin will:

  • Benefit the climbing community through the publication of innovative, high quality, and user friendly guidebooks
  • Promote climbing ethics that benefit the long-term sustainability of the climbing community
    • Conduct business in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable fashion


     Ben Schneider


    Ben started climbing as soon as he could walk, beginning with jungle gyms and chimneying in the doorways of his parents' house in Denver. He started climbing outside after his parents moved to Boulder when he was 14. He has enjoyed big wall climbing in Yosemite, crack climbing in the desert, bouldering in Hueco Tanks, and many others.