Climbing Injuries Solved

Focused on the common injuries from the fingertip to the shoulder, this book is a MUST HAVE educational book for any serious climber right next to that climbing rope and that grigri. This book is a stand-alone self-care climbing guide for injuries that leads you through a specialized training plan, hits up the current injury research, and guides you to understand your own anatomy with physiotherapy for climbing and training for climbing built in. Regardless of if your bouldering has been side railed for a season or for a decade, Dr. Lisa teaches you how to work on your weaknesses and on your injury with secrets from behind the scenes for USAClimbing and at her climbing-specific clinic in Boulder Colorado. Begin with an injury quiz to help you understand the weaknesses in your climbing and your training for climbing. Learn what climbing holds you can use without making your injury worse and those which you need to avoid until it heals. Follow up with the region based injury-care section for your climbers finger, elbow pain, or shoulder injury so you can return to climbing injury free at the next level. Round out this complete guide with homework that is climbing injury specific! This book shows climber specific anatomy and areas that need advanced medical attention to ensure you aren’t missing anything. Take a climber specific anatomy class, add in learning important rules of self-massage, and then add in being taught problem-focused physiotherapy and climbing training plans just for your injury rolled all into one. Let’s say this is comprehensive and easy to read. Feel confident that you have chosen the correct training for climbing injuries program with this in-depth guide on all you need to know about recovering from rock climbing injuries.

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