Kids on the Move! Colorado

by Laura Perdew

Drive. Stop. Play. Repeat. Road trips with children should be as much about the journey as the destination. Local Colorado mom, Laura Perdew, gives you the tools and information necessary for a great journey!

This book is the go-to guide when driving through Colorado, highlighting kid-friendly activities in 40 towns and cities across the state. It will help you find everything from parks to groceries. Each chapter includes:

•The Place to Go - the most strategic stop in town (based on kid-appeal, ease of access and amenities available)

•Other Parks - since options are always good

•Splash Spots - the ideal places for dipping a toe or kerplunking a rock

•Trails for Strollers and Little Folks - easily accessible, kid-friendly “hikes”

•Kid-Friendly Eateries - refueling stations for the hungry masses

•Things to do in Bad Weather - activities to get everyone out of the car, even if the weather isn’t cooperating

•More Info - including hospitals, grocery stores, libraries, visitor information centers, and additional activities

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