Double Rack Harness Gear Review

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I had an opportunity to really run the Trango Double Rack through the wringer in Yosemite recently and both me and my partner were extremely impressed with it. As a minimalist, even when aid climbing, I was skeptical I needed a gear sling on my chest, but after just a few pitches, I’ll never aid climb again without it. I found the gear loops to be just where I needed them to be and had plenty of loop options to choose from, giving me choices on how to prioritize my racking. Plus, the comfy padding and full-strength chest harness only adds to the versatility.

We found ourselves nearly racking entirely on the Double Rack rather than our harnesses as it had a great distribution of weight, was really comfy, and kept energy levels higher overall. Also, with its variety of loops and easy accessibility, we found our efficiency greatly improved and our time per pitch greatly reduced. Could you do a big wall without it? Sure, but the real question is why would you? It just makes the ride that much smoother!

- Jason Haas



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